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Sneaky doc!

Well, I just decided to take a look at the req that my RE gave me for bloodwork. I'm going first thing tomorrow morning. He's not only having me do a 2 hour glucose test, he's also got me down for Total Thyroxine (T4) and a TSH test. He's testing my thyroid!

This is good in a way, my GP noticed an abnormal size to my thyroid two years ago, and I had the bloodwork and full scan. Bloodwork was fine, but as the scan made me radioactive, it delayed my IVF by 4 months (grr - story of my life). Scan came back normal, but it has been two years, and I no longer have a GP. So I'm extra stressing now that there is nothing wrong with the thyroid hormone tests - I do not want another scan! I of course also do not want there to be anything wrong with my thyroid, that would mess up pregancy attempts too.

(I don't ask for much do I?)
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