neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Sis' wedding

I forgot to post when I got home yesterday. The wedding weekend was really great. Got to the cottage a bit late Friday aft, with a fully loaded car. Had din with the families (met the parents for the first time) everyone turned in kinda early.

Up early on Sat, and started the futzing for the wedding. Many strings of lights were brought up, the tent was set up to see what it was like on the deck. There was a chance of rain, and if not the sun at that time would be shining right on the deck and guests. Hubby and brother rigged up the tent so that it was a bit higher, both so guests wouldn't walk into it, and so that it would be a bit more out of the way for pics. The ceremony was gorgeous. It was held at our deck over the water. The officiant and the photographer were great. The photographer was actually a hoot! She kept us smiling (as if we needed prompting).

It seems like all we did was eat the entire weekend! We had roast beef dinner Friday night, French toast Sat morning, lasagne for din on Sat. Sunday brunch was huge! Quiches, fruit, croisant, cheeses, and leftovers. Hubby and I left shortly after brunch. I was in a big hurry to get back to the pupper.

Unfortunately I thought the jail was open from 1-6 on Sundays, but pickup was only at 4, so we had to wait, feeling more and more guilty.

Was he ever happy when we picked him up! I don't think his paws touched the ground. We being full of guilt, treated him to McDonalds *g*
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