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Aug. 31st, 2005 @ 07:50 am Meme time
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Distraction: talk radio

From bellalissa:

Your Inner European is Russian!

Mysterious and exotic.

You've got a great balance of danger and allure.

From my_kittykitty:

You are

From rowankline:

You Are a Margarita

You aren't just the life of the party, you are the party!
You mix a good drink, bust out some great music, and know how to get down.

From islandgirlsj

Which Incredibles Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Who does she think she is?
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Date:August 31st, 2005 03:22 pm (UTC)
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Haha... those crack me up, especially your rejected crayon color!
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Date:August 31st, 2005 08:51 pm (UTC)
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The crayon colour got me too! :)
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