neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Hubby teaching

A couple of weeks ago, hubby contacted the head of the Alarms and Security Tech Program at the local community college. He graduated from this program in '96 and taught AutoCAD for a couple of years after that with them. General networking call, but it turned out they really needed someone to teach an intro to computers course. So he's got a full-year gig teaching a couple of hours for the program.

After he left, they had a great deal of trouble with the AutoCAD, and computers component of the course, and most of it was removed from the program. This means that many of the techs that are currently graduating can't do up proposals, create drawings, program panels remotely, work with DVRs etc. Hubby is going to work with the head of the dept to see what he can do to turn that around.

Anyways, he seemed kinda anxious before heading out today, I know he'll be fine, but sending good vibes his way anyways.
Tags: hubby

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