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Hubby had to make a call to a customer's cottage tonight so he asked me to tag along, figured we would catch dinner in Westport and maybe do some shopping. Unfortunately, by the time he was done, Westport was locked up pretty tight. Rather than head back the boring way we came, we decided to tour the countryside a bit. We ended up on the main drag in Perth (pop. ~7000). Everyone was lined up on the sides of the street waiting for the parade to kick off the Perth fair. Hubby and I pulled over, grabbed ourselves a Timmies, plunked down on the curb, and watched the parade.

It was a hoot. I don't remember the last time I was at a parade, let alone a small-town parade. Everyone was hollering at their relatives in the parade, the Shriners were there, several pipe and drum bands, all the local businesses and politicians.

I had a riot just watching the kids enjoy it. I'm still smiling about it!
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