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Sep. 9th, 2005 @ 11:38 pm 1st day of class
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I had a really good day at school today. Was a little rushed to get there for 8:30!! Puppy had us up at 4 this morning, so I didn't get much sleep. Class was out by 10:00 rather than 11:30 so I got back to work much earlier than expected. Had several surreal moments on campus. I wandered into the University Centre, and headed for the stairs for the 4th floor - they were gone! The entire staircase was removed in the on-going renovations. I did find another stairwell in the construction zone and used that.

I then completely blanked out on where I should go to buy my books and headed to the library. *sigh* Luckily the bookstore is located right beside the bookstore. Unfortunately signals were somehow crossed and the staff did not think they were carrying the text that I needed. I found a used copy of the text in a little bookstore just off campus, unmarked and $3 cheaper than the bookstore. If they had had a used copy of the Astronomy text I would have picked that up too. They only had new, and it was more expensive than the campus bookstore, so I'll stick with the older version I have. At the campus bookstore I picked up a couple of notebooks, I usually get a 5-subject notebook for each class. Today was no exception although I didn't get the Carleton branded ones this year - they were almost 3x more expensive than the Hilroy ones, and had 1/2 as many pages!

So for Canadian Studies, I have 12 week's of classes this term, one term paper due Dec. 2, a mid-term October 28th, and NO FINAL *yay*!!
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