neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

What irrational fear(s) do you have?

I am terrified of driving over bridges or roads with water on either side. I can walk over a bridge, but driving them on a bike or car is a horrible experience for me. And it is worse if someone else is driving. I will go way out of my way to avoid bridges. It's not the height, I *love* heights, its more the thought of the car suddenly plunging over the side. Those steel bridges that you can see through? Forget about it on a bike.

I have a re-occurring nightmare where I start out on a bridge and about halfway across it sinks down into the water. I'm still driving, but I no longer know where the road is.

I'm sure seeing the Sunshine Skyway in Florida had something to do with this fear too. Nothing like driving on a bridge right beside the one that collapsed. Ug, only did that once. Every other time, I'd drive around the Bay!

Tags: fears
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