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k - enough with the meme's!

Stolen from radiostace:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. candlemaking:
    I make candles (duh). I cook'em up in the basement and try not to burn the dang place down. I use paraffin wax and like making candles with stuff imbedded in them. I make them for my own use, occassionally sell them at craft fairs, and take orders from friends.
  2. coronation street:
    Need I say more? Got hooked on it about 3 years ago, watch it faithfully. We're about 10 months behind the UK broadcast schedule, so I have to really behave myself and not check out the spoilers on the fan pages. BTW - *loving* the CBC strike - we're now getting 4.5 hours of Corrie instead of 2 per week.
  3. dogs:
    I had a dog growing up, and always considered myself a dog person. Then, had a cat for 14 years, and forgot how much I loved dogs. Luckily, Chet found us and reminded me! Big breed dogs - huskies, mals, GSD's are my favorites, but really I'm a sucker for any wiggle-butt.
  4. hockey:
    Been a fan all my life first the Habs, then the Sens when we finally got a team. (fan as in season's tickets and face-painting have been known to occur)

    Started playing last October.
  5. janet evanovich:
    Ya - not so sure about this one anymore, recently posted that I think she jumped the shark. Her earlier books are laugh out loud funny. The last two haven't been so great.
  6. mythbusters:
    One of the funniest things on TV.
  7. photography:
    I used to do quite a bit - mostly black and white, including developing. Haven't done much lately - I've taken lots of pictures, but haven't done much photography. Goes well with my passion for scrapbooking.
  8. red eared sliders:
    Got one. She's cute and 16 now!
  9. siberian huskies:
    My favorite breed - always has been, and in a weird twist, the first puppy hubby and I ever found is my Chet aka Cheddar-belly *g*
  10. yarn harlot:
    One hella funny lady.

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