neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

Girlie poker

I am trying to clean up my kitchen this evening after last night's girlie poker. Who knew that 2 people making mojitos could make such a mess! My kitchen is a minty mess, and I don't know if my mortar and pestle will ever recover. Apparently part of the problem is that the 'cooks' in this whole operation thought they were using a 1/4 cup spoon to measure the rum, and it turns out it was a 1/3 cup spoon *g*. I'm not sure why they felt that entitled them to throw it down my kitchen cupboards, but there are some things I'd just rather not know. The other part of the problem is that my sister will generally make a mess of any kitchen. Speaking of mojitos, I'm not sure what they taste like with booze in them, but making them virgin is a real treat. 7up (actually they used cherry coke), liquid sugar, mint and lime - sickly sweet. I've had many, many well intentioned virgin concoctions in my day and this one wasn't bad, but it nearly put me into a diabetic coma.

Despite the sugar high, I managed to break even again (finished 2nd), so I don't have to host, but I'm not down any money. Remember that next time you're trash talking Stella!

I'm still debating the other game tomorrow night. Now that my plans for this evening were cancelled, I could in theory study and write my test tonight and go play with the boys tomorrow....of course that won't get the knitting I need for Friday done....hmm.
Tags: girlie poker

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