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I had just had a conversation with this dev where he was totally shocked at my new 'do. He laughed at me and joked a bit, and when he got back to his desk he IM'd me to say he hoped I wasn't insulted. I explained that when I deal with devs, if they notice, even if they say 'wow you look like crap!' I take it as a compliment. Lets face it, not always up on the social skills some of these boys.

Sadly for him, he kept talking:

developer (11:17 AM) - you don't look like crap, but your hair looks better red or dark
me (11:17 AM) - thanks
developer (11:17 AM) - it wasn't supposed to be a compliment actually
me (11:17 AM) - well you did say I didn't look like crap
me (11:17 AM) - *g*
developer (11:17 AM) - correct, you never do, but you hair does:)
me (11:18 AM) - you are just too sweet
developer (11:18 AM) - always

And they wonder why they can't get laid.
Tags: hair, work silliness
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