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Eye exam

I haven't been to the eye doctor in almost as long as I haven't been to a dentist. Since none of my teeth are falling out, I had to satisfy my vanity by getting my eyesight checked. I have been seriously contemplating getting coloured contacts for quite a while, but you need an optomitrists okay to purchase them.

My eyes are all good, the doc suggested I don't need to have them checked again for another 5 years or so (gotta love that profession). I actually scored well above normal ranges for everything. She did mention that I would focus a bit slower as you tend to lose flexibilty in your eyes. Makes sense, you lose flexibility every where else too! But she was very weird about the contacts. She claimed she had seen someone lose an eye because of contacts. When I questioned her on it, she did admit that the person had not maintained the contacts, left them in too long and developed an infection, infection turned into an ulcer, cornea needed to be replaced, didn't work, and eye was lost.

Not really because of contacts IMHO, but that is her story. She was really anti the whole idea, especially as they are just cosmetic. She did say she would write me a blank script if 'I promised in blood' to only use them occasionally. So ya, she's intitled to her opinion, and I'm intitled to my vainity.

I seem to attract these doctors with huge opinions. My MD, retired now, would berate me on whatever silly thing I was doing to my body. Luckily I'm pretty easy going, although it did start to get to me when I decided to stop taking my meds for depression. I was actually afraid to go see her, I didn't want to put up with the lectures (well that and I had started smoking again at that time.) I now have no doctor, and that's just something I can't contemplate at this time.

So anyways, go, go gadget eyesight!
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