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Never-ending wedding

Friday afternoon I worked from home, then caved and popped Sling Blade on the tube. I had never seen the movie, but it came highly recommended. I will admit it now, it made me cry. I sobbed for almost the entire second half.

Baby sis had her cocktail party for friends and family this weekend, in celebration of her wedding. Friends came in from Raleigh, Toronto and various places in and around Montreal. We headed out with Stella and Willy as well as another couple Friday night to meet up with friends from Raleigh. I hadn't seen R in about 4 years and had never met P. Had a great dinner at the local Tex-Mex place then headed back to JL and Roo's for dessert (yummy - chocolate and fruit fondue). R and P have a husky (their older one passed away last year), as well as an all-black GSD, so we swapped doggie stories.

Saturday was lazy, lazy day. I didn't get out of bed until 11:30 and then I only woke up because my friend called to see what hubby was wearing that evening. I swear, the guys were more freaked out about the dress for this event than the women. I had co-workers asking me how to dress, I had friends mailing me asking what hubby was mailing, and then the calls. Freaky.

Around 2pm I decided I needed to clean the house. I got about half-way done, but this was the second weekend in a row for the big job, I don't want to make a habit of it.

The cocktail party was a blast. It was held in a local hotel, in one of the reception rooms. This hotel has a revolving restaurant, and a couple of floors below the restaurant are round as well, so the edge rooms are curved. I can't remember the last time we were all together and I realized how much I missed some of these guys. Got home around 2, and had to be up and back out for 9 the next morning for the family brunch. Only one more event for the bride and groom, there is another party for them in Toronto in 3 weeks. For a pair that wanted a low key ceremony, they sure are getting their moneys worth out of the parties *g*

Brunch food was yummy, a very traditional sort of breakfast fare. I was incapable of further activity Sunday so as soon as we got home, I threw the jammies back on and crashed in the recliner. I was so bad I ordered Chinese for dinner last night, I couldn't haul my lazy butt up to the kitchen to cook. But that meant that there were leftover egg rolls today - mmm!
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