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Random nonsense

If I've said something stupid in your journal today, I'm sorry, I've had way too much coffee. I'm feeling kinda giddy and my comments tend to run to stupid when I'm in this mood (really - be glad I don't drink!). If I said something stupid any other time, I have no excuse, that's just me.

I keep forgetting how old I am. This should be fairly simple for me, I was born in Jan/70 so most of the year my age ends in the same number as the year - but nooo I spent 32 thinking I was 31 and this year I keep thinking I'm 36!

I have decided that I'm not happy with my current weight. When I quit smoking (the 2nd last time) I gained 25lbs immediately. This was fairly traumatic for me, as I had been the same clothing size since I was 15. I outgrew my entire wardrobe all at once. About 3 years ago I quasi-did WW, and ended up losing 12lbs. Since then I've gained about 6 of those back. I've had it, I'm putting my foot down, and I will be losing 27lbs (yes 10 more than my original weight, but a) I want to get my BMI down, b) it's a weight I always wanted to be and c)I need the challenge). I'm not sure how I'm going to do this yet, but it will involve running and lots of water. I had started smoking again, but the pounds didn't melt away like I expected, so that went out the window. I have discovered that I'm a boredom eater. I sit here studying, stuffing my face with chips or popcorn. Water is my new secret weapon.

I haven't yet been to a Sens game this season, but that changes on Thursday! We've got tickets for dinner and the game with a group of old pals. Yes it is the night before my exam, but I didn't realize that when I agreed to go!

I have freaked myself out so badly with studying this week that I keep thinking today is Wednesday. Yay bonus day!

And with that I'm taking this body buzz and hitting the hay.

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