neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

All work and no play makes Corey a dull girl. Studying is not play.

I've been feeling a lot better the past couple of days, and I cannot explain why. I still have a tonne of work and tests in the next week, but I'm not so stressed about it anymore. That could be good or bad. I could be handling it really well, but it's more likely that I've reached the point where I'm so screwed I don't care anymore. Anyways, I apologize for the lack of intelligence in my posts, (I know, you didn't notice a change) but I've been pretty focused on schoolwork. I really don't understand how some of you seem to handle your school work and the rest of your lives so well.

It may have something to do with work too. I've picked up a couple of projects that I have to get hopping on, and I think I may have just been missing the critical mass necessary for me to feel good about working. It seems I can't do a good job when there are just crumbs, I'd rather not do anything, but throw something at me, and it'll all get done. Bizarre.

Hubby has spent the past two nights organizing his paperwork for the past two years. He started making noises about getting the tax info gathered up last weekend, and I knew I couldn't add that to the list. I'm pretty damn impressed, I think he found everything, and has the appointment with the accountant all lined up.

I can't wait until I can enjoy a watching a good hockey game again. And I don't care what you say, the Sens beating Buffalo 10 - 4 qualifies as a good game! At the rate I'm going, I won't be watching a hockey game until after Christmas. Then back to the grind in January. On that note, I am considering dropping 1 if not both of my Winter term classes. That is the danger of doing this for my own interests, I really have no driving ambition when the going gets tough. I just keep thinking, 'why the hell am I doing this to myself?'

Sad moment for the day, I said good-bye to the rest of the Knit-Wits, as they headed up to Glen House for our annual get-together/extended long weekend before the Needler's Retreat this weekend. It only sunk in today how much I was going to miss being up there with them. Four days of knitting and silliness and of course the Marketplace on Saturday night! Buffy from Sheldridge Farms is always there, along with Lise Noakes of The Yarn Source and there is always someone there with Koigu and worst of all I'll miss the raid on Mabel's stash! *sigh*

Have I mentioned I'm not sure when I'm going to get my Christmas knitting done? I've had demands requests for so many items and I haven't cast a stitch on yet. There are so many ideas I have for designs, and they're all stuck in my head at the moment. Yet another thing that will have to be done after the 13th of December (my last exam). I think that will also be the time when I take down my fall/Halloween decorations and haul out the Christmas ones. Just in time for the party on the 17th! Stella was kind enough to point out that that date happened to be her birthday, and that it was also a weekend and that perhaps I should throw her a wee party. So I am. I traditionally have an open house for Christmas, but we decided last year that our respective spouses would never get the birthday party throwing thing right, so we now host each other's parties. *g*

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