neeroc (neeroc) wrote,

I have decided that I am never going to catch up with my F/List reading! Damn school! Had a not bad weekend all things considered. Exam went okay Saturday afternoon, I kinda freaked out on the studying and studied more than was covered on the test. I knew what was going to be on the test, but the little study monkey just wouldn't stop. Unfortunately, in the process of cramming the important geological features of the Jovian planets into my limited storage, he 'accidentally' knocked the remote sensing knowledge out the other side. Ah well, at least I'll only have to slightly refresh for the final in December.

After the exam I headed to the football game. It was the final game for the gades this season, and the final game for Joe Paopao as coach. He got a really nice acknowledgement from the crown, which I was glad to see. With the morons at the game, you never know. I guess it helped that they won.

Vegged Saturday night. Spent Sunday watching Casablanca and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was nice to do nothing. Of course that little monkey keeps scratching the inside of my melon reminding me that I have an essay proposal due this Friday. I really should be at the library.

I got a great deal of knitting done this weekend. I'm still working on the shawl, and I suppose I should tuck it away for now and start working on Christmas knitting....hmm.

I know it's not the most exciting news ever, but I made the best mashed potatoes last night. Rather than add butter/milk, I added a bit of sour cream, and pesto! I've been craving them all day *g*.

Grr of the day: I was scheduled to get a flu shot at work at 12:40 today. Every time I went by the room where they were giving them, there was a queue. I wasn't about to wait, I mean she said she was 15 min behind, and she had 4 people waiting. That's not 15 min! So no shot today, I'll have to go scrounge around for one of the city sponsored ones. Have I cursed my doctor for retiring yet this week?

Tonight I watched Leaving Las Vegas. Sadly, none of the movies were ones that hubby would enjoy, so I watched alone. As luck would have it XXX2 is up next, I know it's not very good, but I could really do with more action less emo at the moment.

Hockey in the am... I should have been in bed hours ago. I'm really not sleeping well these days, so I just can't stay up at night.

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