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Renos I don't have to do!!

We had all 11 windows replaced in our home this Wed-Friday, I can't believe what a difference they've made. I knew we could hear a lot of street noise, including people walking by, but I didn't know how quiet the new windows would be!

Here is our 40-year old living room window. Yes, it's freaking huge - 110" x 78"

They actually had to take it out in pieces.

Note the oh-so-safe scaffold they were using (this will be important in a moment)

Getting the new window put in. Shortly after this pic, Matt, the cute little dude on the right, stepped through the window with the glass middle section, and the scaffold I pointed out in the last pic collapsed. Picture the Kilroy Was Here fingers in the middle section. He was lucky enough to catch the frame and Rick pulled him back in. Scared the crap out of all of us.

Yes, the window guy fell out the window!

One thing I didn't count on was that with these nice new windows, I don't want to put my crappy curtains back up. (At least 4 of the sets are from the previous owner's and we bought 10 years ago!) So I think I've got some sewing ahead of me this weekend.
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