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Cartwheelus Interruptus

I should have known that some trickster would have built a wall right in the path of my cartwheels...

Late this afternoon I received a call from the fertility centre. It appears that although they were willing to take my $2000 earlier this morning, they weren't so willing to give me a spot in their program this month. This is apparently highly unusual. The asshats have had my file since August, but didn't think it was important at any time (including last month when they were harassing me to book the initiation session) to reserve a spot for me in the program. This is one of the reasons I'm glad this is our last attempt, there have been far too many screw-ups and oopses with the administrative side of the clinic.

So now my tentative schedule looks like this:

Dec 20-January 9 - birth control pill (I know, it's odd, you go on the pill to start getting preggers)
Jan.4 - start suprefact
Jan. 13 - blood test and start Puregone
Jan. 21 - trigger
Jan. 23 - retrieval

Needless to say, as I haven't started the program yet, I requested they refund my money.

I am so mad I could spit.
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