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I am having a kick-butt school day today. I wrote my last Astronomy test, and then I realized that the number that I had gotten for my mid-term exam wasn't a percentage, it was the raw score. I went from being a very confused girl with a C- to a happy camper with a B in the blink of an eye! Then I got the results of the final test back, and I got a perfect score! So, my grade for the 10 weekly tests - 95% (40% of overall), midterm - 75% (25% of overall)(I know - the monkey was malfunctioning when I studied), so my final exam is 35% of the overall mark, and as I currently have 57, I could still end up with an A+ in the course (study monkey, study!).

I also received the results back from my Critical Nationalism exam. I really struggled getting that essay down, it was a 2 hour exam and I spent the first hour just organizing my thoughts - curses to all professors who schedule exams at 8am on Friday! Brevity cost me, I received a B. Again, I can still salvage the mark with the final essay, I'll find out tomorrow if my topic was accepted, then it's due on the 2nd of December *eep*

I am still debating continuing classes in January. This term has really kicked my butt, and it is only going to get worse with IVF and a possible federal election in January. It is really tempting to walk away with just one credit this year, and coast for the winter term, but I am really enjoying the Astronomy, and I think I've finally gotten the hang of the Cnd Studies classes. Weigh that against increasing job pressure, possibly being pregnant, and if not pregnant a hormonal mess for a month or so and I really don't know what to do. Luckily I can start the term in January and decide within the first month. Christmas break never looked so good. I miss watching movies, pleasure reading and having free time!

Sheesh - I'll stop talking now, I was feeling good about school!
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