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Phew! Almost 5 whole days without a post.

Friday night hubby and I attended a dinner on Parliament Hill. It was a celebration for our MP's 17th (and final) year in office. Mom and Stella and Willy also attended. It was really nice to see so many people that I now usually only see at campaign time, but it was also a scary reminder that the minority govenment is about to fall, and we are in for an election in January. I think I have arranged for a consulting role this time around, (hubby roles his eyes at that), but I really don't have any time to dedicate to a campaign this time around. Lee is going to have a hell of a battle on her hands, with the Conservative candidate being the sitting provincial MPP. I'll do what I can, but baby making first, school second, grumble, grumble... work, then election stuff. I'm now having nightmares about elections, on top of school and baby-making. I really need to find something more enjoyable to dream about.

Saturday, did some shopping, hung out with the in-laws for a while, okay, maybe it wasn't such a productive day. Oh wait, I got a tonne of knitting done. I'm now *that* close to having my shawl finished, and am working on some Christmas presents, as well as a sweater that a co-worker asked me to knit.

Sunday, got up early, started working on Christmas cards. I have a whole bunch made now, and many more planned. Unfortunately I didn't get the decorations hauled out, but we've got a month or so to go. Had a crop at Stella's in the afternoon, have one more planned this Thursday, not sure how many more I'll get in before Christmas. But I did get the wish lists out, kinda funny, it's like registering for cropping supplies. Then, more knitting.

Monday was a great day at work. We started off with a 2 hour ops meeting, followed by a team-building lunch, then bowling!! That was a hoot. It was the 3rd time in my life I've bowled, and I only fell once, but I made it a good one. *g* I think I now hold the record for receiving a score of 2 in consecutive frames! Last night I was no where near as productive as I could have been, but it was nice to relax. I've really got to get moving on this school stuff, that's the plan for tonight.

Today was had the best workout I've had in a long time at hockey. It was non-stop and I loved it. I hope John keeps it up. I also hope they decide to hold some clinics over the Christmas break, cos I won't be playing in January (and hopefully beyond) *g*

Tomorrow - poker. Thursday - crop. Friday U2!!! I cannot wait. I think there are also plans to hook up at a bar and watch the Sens afternoon game (thanks to the US Thanksgiving). Saturday - school, I just can't think of what, and Sunday, I think I've been talked into hosting the Grey Cup party. I have to clear it with hubby first.

I'm now off to try and catch up with 5 days of friends' posts *g*.

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